(Peekskill, NY) July 11, 2017 – Ortho Marketing is proud to be a sponsor of the 2017 MKS Forum.  This year's meeting will take place October 27th and 28th at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, TX.  

The MKS Forum 2017 will be attended by over 700 doctors, making it the second largest annual meeting behind the AAO Annual Session. At The MKS Forum, doctors get CE, reunions, clubs, alumni and study group meetings, staff education and fun, all for a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the time and no membership dues.  

Speakers are selected for their ability to share the Mindset, Knowledge & Skill necessary to grow and manage a highly successful practice. Sharing real life, detailed techniques to improve and grow your practice in a discussion format.

Doctors will learn tips on achieving great clinical results as well as discussing the various business models and how they can be harnessed to thrive in the ever-changing dental landscape.

 Some of the educational seminars at this year's meeting will include:

 You are NOT at Capacity! with Jeff Kozlowski

Obsess Over Your Customers, Not Your Competition with Courtney Dunn

No Sugarcoating Allowed! The Truth About the Specialty & Orthodontic Trends with Chris Bentson

Aligning Business Decisions with Long Term Objectives with Kervin Mack

The Real Deal: A No-Nonsense Approach to Marketing with Angela Weber

Be sure to look for Ortho Marketing president Dean Steinman in our booth in the exhibit hall, and learn how you can gain a marketing edge over your competitors.  

About Ortho Marketing:

Ortho Marketing, located in Peekskill, NY, offers a full suite of Marketing Services which allows a wide spectrum of practices throughout the USA and Canada to work with one company for all their marketing needs. We cover all the bases, which include, but are certainly not limited to Marketing Services such as Website Design, Website Maintenance, Mobile Platforms, Apps, Search Engine Optimization (SEO – being at the top of the search engine results), Social Media Marketing, Reviews and Reputation Management, Email Marketing, and PPC Campaigns. For more information, contact Ortho Marketing. by visiting or give us a call at: 914-788-1555

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Thursday, 07 August 2014 15:48

Steps to Rebrand Your Orthodontic Practice

Making your business unique and individual is essential to developing a strong community. As a business evolves and grows, the state of your business may no longer reflect what you had originally branded your business as. This could be a clear sign that the time has come to rebrand. A rebranding of your business is a large undertaking regardless of the size of your business. You should always consult with a professional for optimal results, but here I will provide a few steps that will aid in your process.

- Identify the image you want to use for your business in the rebranding process. Not an image like a picture, but the image that you want your business and brand to project on the consumer. Do you want to rebrand yourself as a patriotic, adventurous company like Jeep Automobiles may be considered, or as a contemporary, high end, groundbreaking business like Tesla Motors could be seen. These are all examples of business that have successfully branded themselves and your practice should model your branding process after them.

- Explain your story. Your branding process should be used to refine and distinguish your practice from the rest. By explaining your story, your mission and your vision, you are making your business more individual, and memorable. 

- Act on your ideas for your business. Once you have thought of a new design, brand concept and methods for running your practice, don't be afraid to act on it. Don't worry about your vision not working for your business, because there is high probability it will work. It is much more harmful to keep your practice branded in a manner that does not match where you are now. 

For more information and insight on how to brand and refine your practice further please contact Ortho Marketing Pros at (914)788-1555.

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