Ortho Marketing is the proud marketing partner of Aligner Insider.  Aligner Insider offers a complete video library of resources to aligner orthodontic practices.  This comprehensive library is updated with new content monthly from a variety of sources.  Beyond specific case examples of orthodontists treating their patients, their are staff training resources, marketing tips, and access to an exclusive online forum of Invisalign practitioners.  

Founder Dr. Barry Glaser said "Aligner Insider was created to address the need in the orthodontic community for better education.  It was built to help doctors gain confidence in their Invisalign treatment planning, and to create better and more efficient results for their patients."

Dr. Willy Dayan is a co-founder of Aligner Insider, and world renowned Invisalign expert.  He is an active contributor of case studies to the Aligner Insider library who got involved with the project "to offer the orthodontic community a greater variety and range of quality educational material".  

Aligner Insider is now proud to offer a new FREE TRIAL membership.  Potential users will get 24 hour unrestricted access to the Aligner Insider universe of streaming video resources for free.  At the conclusion of their trial, they will be given the option to become a member for a low monthly subscription price of $125.  Aligner Insider invites all orthodontists and their teams to experience Aligner Insider now by clicking here!


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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of attaining higher placement on Google results pages through online marketing techniques such as blogging and creating landing pages. Many people understand what SEO is, but do not understand the critical importance of being visible for online marketing purposes. 

The vast majority of prospective patients will Google a specific practice or type of service before ever going to the business. If your business cannot be easily found through Google searches, your competition will certainly have an advantage over you. Don't lose any business to your competitors so this should be a primary reason for you to create an SEO strategy today. 

Additionally, higher placement on Google result pages will reflect more highly on the quality of your practice. Businesses that are consistently on the top of Google results will appear to be more professional, better run businesses because of the frequency in which they are on top. A good, well run business will be complimented by high ranking Google results.

For more information please contact Ortho Marketing Pros at (914)788-1555. We have the SEO experts who will bring your business to page one of Google results. Get started today.

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Plain and simple, SEO is essential for online visibility and marketing. Nearly every person will Google a practice that provides a certain service before ever actually using that practice. Most consumers will look at all the businesses that can be found on the first page of Google, and decide from there. If your business populates on the second, third, fourth page on Google, you are not being seen. You can lose an untold number of customers by not being seen on Google, and your business will surely suffer. A recent study found that out of 20,000 United States small businesses including medical practices that 19% of all leads were generated by SEO and those sites ranking higher on Google. This is a very significant figure. 1 in 5 leads are generated by good SEO so that could also mean you are missing out on many more potential leads by lacking a SEO plan. 

Online marketers are often asked of creating an SEO plan before anything else. SEO is such a primary concern because it can be so influential on building business more customers, and practices more patients. SEO is also considered the driving factor to generate more web traffic.

For more information on creating successful online marketing plans and better SEO tactics, please contact Ortho Marketing Pros. Contact us through our website or call us at (914)788-1555. 

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