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What Type of SEO is Right for You?

You may think you know your fair share of best Search Engine Optimization practices but what you might not know is that Local SEO differs some from General SEO. How different could it be? Well there are some elements that they share and some they don’t, but when it comes to the success of your business this can actually mean a whole lot. First and foremost it is important to know your audience and with this comes knowing that the kind of SEO you need is based on the type and size of your business. A multi-practitioner business like a doctor or lawyer needs a different marketing strategy than a home-based or single location business, a major difference between general SEO and local SEO is how you target your customers. Knowing your audience and demographic is key in any good marketing campaign. However, when it comes to local SEO add geography to the afformentioned list, when targeting keywords. It’s a huge missed opportunity if a potential client in your vicinity performs a search and your business does not show up. (Source)

Some tips to help boost your local SEO include but are not limited to:


One of the top ranking factors according to Google is what you hyperlink in your content with. Hyperlinking your content to relevant and or high authority pages is imperative, especially when it comes to local SEO. An example of this would be hyperlinking the town of where your business is located from Google Maps where you mention the location of your business.


Writing blogs about your business is great but be sure to include tips and elements that would apply to your demographic, the season and relevant to your location. Having content on your site relevant to seasonal trends and events in your area will in turn help your rankings on the local level.


So you have a website built with all the bells and whistles. Now what? Keep in mind the content on these webpages also helps drive local SEO. Having your name, address and phone number on your homepage, about page and contact page with a Google Maps image will help optimize your site for discovery on search engines.

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(Cheyenne, WY) July 26, 2017- Ortho Marketing is excited to welcome our new partner Dr. Callie Holwegner, and the Holwegner Orthodontics staff to the Ortho Marketing family. We are proud to team up with her to launch the new Holwegner website.

Ortho Marketing is looking forward to developing the Holwegner Orthodontics brand in gorgeous Cheyenne, Wyoming.  As a part of the Ortho Marketing family, Holwegner Orthodontics will have access to social media marketing campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and a streamlined, up to date website that will give their patients easy access to their practice online from any device.

Dr. Holwegner graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry in 2013 with a Master of Science degree in Oral biology and a certificate in Orthodontics. After graduating she returned to her hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming and began running her practice in 2014, after purchasing the practice from Dr. Brenkert. Now, after more than 3 years of leading orthodontic service, Holwegner Orthodontics has also established itself as the top Invisalign provider in her area. Dr. Holwegner and her staff are extremely involved in the community and are excited to give all of their patients a smile they can be proud of.

Ortho Marketing is extremely excited to partner with Dr. Holwegner, and her dedicated team, to help their practice reach new heights.   

About Ortho Marketing:

Ortho Marketing, located in Peekskill, NY, offers a full suite of Marketing Services which allows a wide spectrum of practices throughout the USA and Canada to work with one company for all their marketing needs. We cover all the bases, which include, but are certainly not limited to Marketing Services such as Website Design, Website Maintenance, Mobile Platforms, Apps, Search Engine Optimization (SEO – being at the top of the search engine results), Social Media Marketing, Reviews and Reputation Management, Email Marketing, and PPC Campaigns. For more information, contact Ortho Marketing. by visiting or give us a call at: 914-788-1555

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Website design is your online equivalent to your office. You want it looking good. You want people to see it and be more interested and comfortable in becoming a patient at your practice. While it is often best to consult with experts like Ortho Marketing Pros before taking a dive into website design on your own, here are 5 simple tips so you can put out the best website design you possibly can. 

-Have a visually appealing logo for your business and have it adequately presented on your website. A logo will help to brand your business and create more identity for your online business to grow. A logo will also create an image for consumers to associate with your practice.

-Get rid of any clutter or ads that harm the user experience. While it may be tempting to place lots of ads on your website it will definitely take away from a users focus on YOUR content. You do not want your ads to be competing against you for users attention.

-Use plenty of images and inviting color combinations to engage users on your website. Again, your website should be like a great storefront to a brick and mortar business. You want people to feel invited to visit your store.

For more information please contact the experts at Ortho Marketing Pros by calling us at (914)788-1555.

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All marketers know that is essential to brand a small business with a distinct personality for marketing success to occur. Not only should your content and graphics define the style of your practice- you should also have a distinctive style of writing that will reflect you in some way. 

Let your writing reflect you. It's okay to write your blogs in a different manner than you would for a college term paper. Your writing should be easy to follow and sound like it was actually written by YOU. A distinctive style will cause people to actually like you and your writing. You will gain a lot more repeat visitors and loyal followers.

By becoming distinctive from the competition, you break the mold from the generic business on social media. You become memorable and are more likely to resonate with a reader. Above all, your practice appears more HUMAN. It appears like your practice has a social media presence staffed by an interested group of people instead of mindless posts just there to drum up business.

Social media marketing is a great platform to make your practice more distinctive. When marketing on social media, you must ensure to do it correctly. Contact Ortho Marketing Pros today to gain the valuable insight and advice you need for your business to succeed. We are truly top professionals to create a successful social media marketing plan. Give us a call at (914)788-1555. 

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