Monday, 14 July 2014 15:15

Using Social Media to Build your Email List for Orthodontic Practices

Social media is stronger than ever. Thousands of new accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are being created every single day making these platforms outstanding marketing opportunities. By connecting with many individuals over social media, you can build your email list and broaden your marketing reach. To acquire those emails that are vital to your marketing success, just follow a few of these simple steps. 1.) Build strong contests with even stronger incentives. When your practice makes a contest on social media, be involved. Promote your contest, and actively answer any questions or complaints regarding your contest. Additionally, have a…
Thursday, 10 July 2014 17:35

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing for Your Orthodontic Practice

Aside from being an important professional network that all doctors should be active on, LinkedIn provides great marketing opportunities as well. First, if you do not have a profile, make one. Make as many worthwhile connections as possible. Then, join LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to the orthodontic industry. In the groups, look at various discussion topics and see what is generating all the buzz in your industry. Make your own individual content that holds high value to those reading it. Posting at least twice a month is a good place to start. Continually producing good quality content will draw…
Thursday, 10 July 2014 15:51

Why Facebook is the Best Platform to Target an Audience for your Orthodontic Practice?

Many orthodontic practices across the United States wish to build an audience of specific, targeted consumers. These individuals will have generally demonstrated a liking to a certain good or industry, and are more likely become a patient. On social media, businesses should always aim to build followers but take quality of followers into account. Aim on building more followers that are actually interested in orthodontics as opposed to having twice as many with nearly all not knowing what your business is. Facebook provides several more insights into each consumer profile than Twitter or Google+ does. Profiles on Facebook have different…
Monday, 07 July 2014 16:50

Brand Your Orthodontic Practice for Success

Every successful business has a brand image in some way or another. Some of these "brand images" are far more subtle than others but nonetheless there is a brand image that contributes to success. A recent survey was conducted by a consumer loyalty consultant group called Brand Keys. Their goal was to determine the most patriotic brand in the USA in light of the 4th of July. The survey found that Jeep, a subsidiary of the automakers Chrysler, was the most patriotic brand in the United States. Many found this an unsurprising result because Jeep has a rich history in…
Monday, 07 July 2014 15:28

Why Your Orthodontic Practice must go SOCIAL

Gone are the days where consumers acted as one big party with a single voice. Social media now allows every consumer has an individual voice and ability to post on a business' page. Consumers are no longer passive recipients of a goods and services, business and consumers are now closer than ever before. Your Orthodontic practice must get on social media to create the one on one business to customer interface it needs to succeed. Listening is the most important part of being on social media. Listen to what your consumers want and make it happen. Happy consumers are more…
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