Wednesday, 12 April 2017 19:45

Ortho Marketing Practice of the Month: Castilla Orthodontics

This month's Ortho Marketing Practice of the Month goes to Castilla Orthodontics! Dr. Ana E. Castilla and her team have been working with us since 2015. Due to her dedication to orthodontia paired with our marketing strategies, her practice has seen noticeable growth! We chatted with her to see what methods specifically have helped her practice. Take a look:


Q: Since you started using media marketing techniques like social media, SEO, and reputation management, what has been the biggest surprise or “Eureka” moment?

A: I’ve had two major surprises. The first one has been how much people use Facebook as a source of information for making purchasing decisions. The second surprise was the power of great online reviews (especially Google reviews). I’ve had patients who were referred to a different orthodontist by their general dentist, come to my office instead, because of our online reviews.


Q: Among the social media platforms you’ve used, which have you had the most success with?

A: We’ve definitely had the most success with Facebook. I think it’s because most moms are on Facebook compared to Instagram, Twitter, etc. Additionally, Facebook is very business friendly. You can do boosted posts to promote your office, advertisements, post links that drive traffic to your website, etc. Finally, Facebook has provided us with an alternate way to communicate with our patients via Facebook Messenger. In the past, we’ve scheduled New Patient exams, answered questions about our services, and walked patients through orthodontic emergencies- all through Facebook Messenger!


Q: Which part of Ortho Marketing’s service has been the most helpful to you?

A: There are two things that have been the most helpful. One is that Ortho Marketing has a lot of experience working with orthodontic offices, so they understand our unique marketing needs. Secondly, the accessibility and awesome customer service provided by our account manager has been critical to the success of many of our marketing campaigns and efforts. It’s great to have someone you can reach easily to help make changes or adjustments to our SEO, Social Media, or website. In our office, our OMP account manager is like a member of our team. Everyone knows his name though no one has ever met him!


Q: What advice would you give to other orthodontic practices that are just starting out using media marketing?

A: I would say find a professional marketing company to help you create professional looking content on social media, but also designate someone in your office to post photos and videos from your office so that the personality of your office shines through. Put effort into creating videos. They don’t have to be super produced, just videos of fun or touching moments in your office. In my office, I have an iPod Touch in the Clinical area and another one in the Front Desk area so that we are always ready to capture a fun moment. Also, don’t be afraid to do Social Media advertising, especially on Facebook. Last year, Facebook advertising was the number 3 referral source in my office and had the highest ROI.

Castilla Orthodontics is just one of many orthodontic practices that have seen great results from our media marketing services. Want your practice to see the same, powerful benefits that Dr. Castilla has seen? Let us take your practice to a whole new level of success. Don't hesitate to contact our team at Ortho Marketing today to set up a free consultation!

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