Strategically place your orthodontic practice in front of new, valuable eyes. Track measurable stats. Target the demographics your practice thrives upon. In order to keep up with this ever-developing social platform, Facebook Ads need to be a part of your digital marketing campaign. Check out the infographic below, or set up a consultation with our team at Ortho Marketing to learn why Facebook Ads are a necessity for your practice.




Just to clarify, this is not the same as updating your practice’s status on Facebook. This is a brilliant way of gaining new leads at an unbelievably rapid rate. We’ll show you exactly why you need to take advantage of this growing opportunity, and yes, we’ll do all the work for you.

1. People use social media A LOT

This needs to be emphasized: social media is what dominates the marketing world today. Every minute, Facebook users “Like” over 4 billion posts. The average person spends almost 2 hours on social media everyday, a huge chunk of that dedicated exclusively to Facebook. That’s a lot of time to not be showing your practice off to potential patients, if you ask us.

2. Facebook organic reach is basically dead

Unfortunately, it’s true. You can be updating your practice’s Facebook page with mind-blowing, engaging content, which is awesome. But what you probably don’t realize is that, on average, less than .5 percent of your followers will actually see that information—and don’t even think about getting new leads this way because if no one is seeing, no one is sharing.

Super frustrating, we know. The truth is, you need Facebook ads in order to help your content be seen by not only your followers, but prospective patients, as well. The good news is it won’t hurt your wallet like you might think. And the results you’ll see justify any expense.

3. Facebook ads have highly adaptable audience targeting

The amount of functions and tools available to reach various target demographics for your ads is vast. You can be super vague or extremely picky, whatever makes sense for your practice (and we’ll know exactly what makes sense for you).

We can tap into recent purchase behavior to customize audiences, create “lookalike audiences” (targeting people based on similar interests of current customers), and even get really creative with life-event targeting. For example, a major orthodontist target demographic is moms. So, we can gear your ads toward people who post mom-like life events, like “Had a baby”. This is an amazing way to both expand the kinds of patients you want to target, as well is hit that very niche demographic your practice is fueled by.

4. You can actually measure your reach

You don’t want to be putting time and money into advertising if you can’t really tell what’s working and what’s not. Our savvy analysts can gauge your Facebook ads, measure your data, and physically show you how well you’re performing (and if we have anything to do with it, you’ll have good numbers). Then, if necessary, we can adjust accordingly, targeting new audiences you haven’t quite hit yet.

Plus, these ads will actually help your organic reach, too. How, you ask? Well, the more people see your ads, the better. And when those people see your ads, they share them (people do, in fact, do this). The clicks and engagements generated from those shares and likes become new organic traffic, which looks great for your practice.

5. Retargeting is very powerful

This is probably our favorite part because retargeting is one of the most effective ways to grow your practice. What we mean by this is not letting potential patients forget about you after they’ve visited your page or website, clicked on your ads, signed up for your email list, etc. Have you ever noticed how any time you browse products online, all of a sudden there are ads everywhere you look for those products? That’s no coincidence—that’s retargeting, and Facebook can be used to do that.

Strategic social retargeting through Facebook ads has the potential to triple your engagement rate and double your conversions. This is a marketing tool that has proven its value, and you need to take advantage of it before your competition does.

To sum up…

You need to hop on the Facebook ads bandwagon if you want to see your practice grow, and you need to do it quickly. We’ll work with you on the whole process and take care of all the technical bits, and all you have to do is watch the stream of traffic convert to new leads. Don’t hesitate to help your practice reach its potential. Contact our team at Ortho Marketing today to get started on your Facebook ads campaign.

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