Don’t groan and yawn. This may sound like a really boring topic of digital marketing for orthodontists, but URLs are super important for SEO and web traffic. Yes, page URLs do matter, and yes, our team at Ortho Marketing can teach you how to craft good ones. Check it out:

The Formula

At Ortho Marketing, our SEO writing team has an educated formula for crafting the perfect URLs. We’re happy to pass this knowledge onto you. Here’s the formula you should stick to:


To see it in action, here’s an example (or just look at the URL for this blog post)


Keywords are “Key” for a Reason

Google values URLs that are relevant. The best way to be relevant is to craft a URL is with the search term directly in it. This matters a lot when it comes to SEO for orthodontists. To clarify, we’re talking about pages within your website, not your homepage or contact page, but content like blogs, landing pages, and service pages. So, if you’re writing a blog with the keyword “Invisalign” you would start your URL with something like:


Location, Location, Location

The other half of the URL that is equally crucial is the location. Most of the time, people don’t necessarily search for orthodontic practices anywhere –  they search within their town or towns near them. So, going by the example above, your URL will ideally look like this:


Stop Using Stop Words 

While not a major issue, stop words can be hindering factors for the success of URLs and can drop your SEO ranks. Stop words are the small, sort of unnecessary words like “a”, “the”, “for”, “to”, etc. Generally, searchers won’t type “Invisalign in Fake Town”. They’ll search “Invisalign Fake Town”. The stop words make it harder for Google to match your URL to the search term.

Short, Sweet, and to the Point

Say you’re writing a blog entitled “Can My Teenager Get Invisalign and How Much Will it Cost?”. Most blogs will auto-generate a URL based on the title, which in this case, will be painstakingly long. Use our formula above, which should keep your URL around 60 characters. This makes it easier for Google to sift through your page and decide if the page is relevant as a search result.

Want More Suggestions?

Our SEO for orthodontists team is always ready to give advice and analyze your practice. If you want more tips about URLs, SEO, or marketing your practice, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t hesitate to contact Ortho Marketing today for a consultation!

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