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How to Optimize Your Videos for Search

Video content is king right now. In fact, videos are projected to dominate 80% of web traffic by next year. If your practice is taking advantage of this massive opportunity, excellent. But it’s not enough to just make videos – you need to make sure your videos are search engine optimized. Our team at Ortho Marketing has come up with the best ways to optimize your Youtube videos for search. Check these out:


Our eyes are drawn to titles first. So, your titles should be compelling and concise, but most importantly, they should match common search terms. Conduct some research to find popular search terms for your industry. So, if your video is about reasons your patients should get Invisalign, then the keyword “Invisalign” or other popular phrase variations, should be included in your title. Also, focus your titles around your audience. If your audience’s internet activity is centered around particular language, use it. Between researched search terms and audience-specific wording, you’ll be able to craft a compelling, search engine optimized title..


While Youtube’s description character limit is 1,000 characters, it only displays about the first 100 without having to click a drop-down arrow. Take advantage of those first 100 characters by including the most relevant and practical information. We recommend including a link to your website and a catchy call-to-action. Then, use the other 900 or so characters to incorporate locations and keywords that will boost your SEO and search relevance.


Tags are a great resource to direct your target audience to your videos. Same with any form of SEO, top industry search keywords are best to include here, so that it triggers Google to suggest your video to searchers. So, it’s good to use tags like “Orthodontist”, “Invisalign”, or “Braces”. Be careful about relevance with tags, though – Youtube can penalize you for including tags that aren’t relevant, which will hurt the changes of your video being seen. Keep your tags orthodontia-specific, and particularly specific around the content of your videos.

Any Questions?

These are only a few of the ways you can optimize your videos for search engines. If you want more tips on SEO or other aspects of orthodontic digital marketing, the pros at Ortho Marketing are always excited to chat. Our orthodontic SEO experts look forward to your call.

Our team at Ortho Marketing are the experts in SEO for orthodontists. At Ortho Marketing, we serve orthodontic practices on the international level. If you have any questions pertaining to website design, social media marketing, SEO, reputation management, Google Adwords, or PPC campaigns, or would like to get started marketing your orthodontic practice, contact our team at Ortho Marketing at: 914-788-1555

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Looking for a local media marketing company that specializes in marketing for orthodontists? At Ortho Marketing located in Westchester, NY, we understand the passion you have for your practice. We have the same passion for our business. That’s why we don’t completely write you out of the process; we want to maintain and enhance the brand you’ve already built. 

However, at Ortho Marketing, we don’t depend on you to do all the work. Like you are an expert of orthodontia, we are the experts at marketing. We need your input to establish what you’d like to see happen with your practice, but it’s our highly skilled team that knows what your practice NEEDS. 

What Marketing for Orthodontists Do We Offer?

At Ortho Marketing we provide a number of marketing services for a orthodontists, including, but not limited to:

  • Website Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Reputation Management
  • Mobile Web Design
  • Mobile App Design

Our analysts will provide an in-depth analysis of your practice and formulate a package that will make sense within your budget. Then, the rest of our team will get to work putting that plan in action. You can contribute to the process as little or as much as you’d like.

Don’t hesitate to bring your practice up-to-date (and not to mention ahead of the competition) with a cutting-edge marketing campaign. Contact our team at Ortho Marketing today to schedule your free consultation!

The team at Ortho Marketing are the experts in orthodontic marketing. Ortho Marketing serves orthodontic practices on the international level. If you have any questions pertaining to website design, social media marketing, SEO, reputation management, Google Adwords, or PPC campaigns, or would like to get started marketing your orthodontic practice, contact Ortho Marketing at: 914-788-1555 

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SEO can be tricky to perform on your own, and it can be easy to make mistakes once you are starting out. This, of course is the reason why you should outsource to an agency like Ortho Marketing Pros before you even start and possibly damage your online presence. So, when attempting to improve your performance and placement on search engines, DO NOT attempt to do any of the following; no matter how tempting it may be. 

1. Ignore mobile sites. Your business must absolutely have a mobile website to attract and connect with customers across all platforms. Your SEO is especially important on mobile devices when consumers are searching rather quickly and will pick the highest most desirable result. Visibility is essential for online marketing, so to make your practice visible on all platforms is essential.

2. Duplicate pages, blogs or re-use the same old content. Your website will begin to be marked as SPAM and not look as good with many duplicate, look alike pages circulating out on the web. It may seem unreasonable to keep creating new content to rank higher on search engines, but that is what it takes to have effective SEO strategy. 

3. Simply not know how to perform most SEO functions. For example, individuals often assume that most search terms in Google are quite short and broad. "Orthodontists NY" for example. But this couldn't be farther from the truth. People more often search for terms like "Orthodontists who offer invisalign, White Plains NY". This causes a whole different approach to the blogging and landing pages as part of SEO strategy

For more information to create a stronger online marketing strategy, contact Ortho Marketing Pros. We have a great team of experts who will do all they can to help grow your practice through online marketing. Call us at (914)788-1555.

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SEO For Orthodontists



FIRST Page Visibility

Being found on the top of the search engines, specifically dominating on Google, is crucial to getting new Orthodontic patients. We offer a comprehensive strategy that generates traffic to your Orthodontic website and gets you to page 1 of Google for your desired keywords. Our websites are designed to be search engine friendly. Our top notch Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team optimizes each website in a unique process to achieve a FIRST page organic ranking for multiple search phrases. We have a 100% success rate with our amazing SEO strategy in getting our Orthodontist clients to page 1 on Google. Call us at 914-788-1555 to learn about our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program.


We offer the following SEO services to generate more traffic to your website:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Ad Words
  • Google Places
  • Social Network Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Linked in, Instagram, etc)
  • Review Sites (Yelp, Google, Yahoo)


Our cutting-edge orthodontic SEO process will:

  • Boost Traffic To Your Website
  • Attract NEW Patients
  • Surpass Your Competition
  • Maximize your Return On Investment (ROI)


Get started with our SEO for orthodontists!

Our team at Ortho Marketing will ensure your orthodontic practice is found on page 1 of Google. To find out more about our SEO services or to schedule your complimentary consultation, don't hesitate to contact Ortho Marketing today at 914-788-1555!


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