Since the rise in use of social media is practically undeniable, marketing your practice on Facebook is key to increasing awareness of your business and services. Creating a Facebook ad allows you to advertise to certain users based on their activity on and off Facebook, demographic information, device use information, location, and advertising and marketing partner-supplied information. Meaning users that are likely to be interested in your services are more likely to see your ad and act upon it.

Though there are many good reasons to advertise on the Facebook platform, perhaps Facebook Ads newest feature is the best reason of all. A recent update to Facebook created a tab on everyone’s Facebook menu called “Recent Ad Activity.” It allows users to see any ads they clicked, liked, commented and shared in the last three months. This feature also allows users to save ads, making it that much easier for your product to be accessed by the user at any given time. To view this option, simply click the menu on Facebook then “Recent Ad Activity” and a list will be shown of ads that you have interacted with.

What This Means for You

Facebook has always tracked ad activity but now, we are able to look at ad “revisits.” Someone that has looked at your ad two to three times is likely a stronger prospect. (Source)

Before, if the user wanted to go back and find an ad they saw on Facebook; the chances of finding it again were slim. They would then have to turn to Google to search for the services you provide- paired with even more results that likely aren’t yours. Not to mention, it attributes your web traffic to Google and not to Facebook. Why is this bad? Because if the data shows you are receiving the most business from Google when you are actually being found on Facebook, you could be spending dollars advertising on the wrong platform!

This may seem a bit overwhelming, but with Ortho Marketing as your partner, we'll help make sure you do it right every time! Our team at Ortho Marketing are the experts in Facebook marketing. Ortho Marketing, we serve orthodontists country-wide! If you have any questions pertaining to website design, mobile web design, social media marketing, SEO, reputation management, Google Adwords and PPC campaigns, or would like to get started marketing your business, contact our team at Ortho Marketing at: 914-788-1555
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Tuesday, 10 January 2017 10:04

SEO for Your Orthodontic Practice

There is a lot of talk in the marketing world these days about SEO, but just what is it?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping a website rank higher on search engines. Every day, millions of people search online for all types of information, including orthodontic practices in their area. Rarely do people come to a website by typing the address directly into their web browser. They will typically do a quick search, and then choose from a list of websites suggested by the search engine.

People search for what they want based on keywords and locations, and it is the search engines that guide the user to your orthodontic practice's website. To be successful in internet marketing, it is your responsibility to ensure the search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing can find you easily and rank your business on page one in local search.

Most orthodontic websites are optimized with the same lackluster methods, which makes it difficult for one site to stand out in page ranking on the search engines. The team of web design and SEO experts at Ortho Marketing can help your Orthodontic Practice stand out above competitors online! 

How does SEO work?

Ortho Marketing's team of experts help guide doctors and their teams through the SEO process. Rather than just throwing in logical keyword and location combinations wherever they might work, we turn to the data. With successful methods based on actual analytics, our team can show you real ways to get your practice on page one. If your orthodontic practice doesn't already have a website to perform SEO methods on, our web design team can build you a cutting-edge site. If you are already satisfied with your website and are looking for ways to improve your website click and call rates, we can lead you in that direction with SEO. Here are some tips to get started with SEO for your website:

  • Location, location, location
    • Your website should mention frequently the locations that your practice serves because Google will recognize your practice for local searches.
  • Keywords
    • Potential patients will search for specific services like "braces" or "Invisalign". If your website doesn't have the words throughout written content on your website, Google won't know that your website is valuable for those searches.
  • Content
    • Search engines LOVE original and frequently-updated content. Try to add something new, like a blog, photo, or video, to your website at least once a month, and more if possible. This will demonstrate to Google that your website is active and making an effort to stay relevant.

Our team of professional SEO staff will make individualized recommendations that suit your orthodontic practice and work with your webmaster to achieve optimum Internet marketing exposure. During the initial consultation with oour team, we will establish a game plan for moving your site up in the rankings. We offer exclusive coverage of your orthodontic practice's area. In order to provide the best services possible to our orthodontic clients, we can’t be competing against ourselves. That is why we offer individualized plans to our clients, which means that we will not work with other clients that target the same local areas as you. Contact Ortho Marketing today at (914)788-1555 today to discuss how we can help your orthodontic practice!

The team at Ortho Marketing are the experts in orthodontic marketing. Ortho Marketing serves orthodontic practices on the international level. If you have any questions pertaining to video testimonials, website design, social media marketing, SEO, reputation management, Google Adwords, or PPC campaigns, or would like to get started marketing your orthodontic practice, contact Ortho Marketing at: 914-788-1555

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