SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of attaining higher placement on Google results pages through online marketing techniques such as blogging and creating landing pages. Many people understand what SEO is, but do not understand the critical importance of being visible for online marketing purposes. 

The vast majority of prospective patients will Google a specific practice or type of service before ever going to the business. If your business cannot be easily found through Google searches, your competition will certainly have an advantage over you. Don't lose any business to your competitors so this should be a primary reason for you to create an SEO strategy today. 

Additionally, higher placement on Google result pages will reflect more highly on the quality of your practice. Businesses that are consistently on the top of Google results will appear to be more professional, better run businesses because of the frequency in which they are on top. A good, well run business will be complimented by high ranking Google results.

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Plain and simple, SEO is essential for online visibility and marketing. Nearly every person will Google a practice that provides a certain service before ever actually using that practice. Most consumers will look at all the businesses that can be found on the first page of Google, and decide from there. If your business populates on the second, third, fourth page on Google, you are not being seen. You can lose an untold number of customers by not being seen on Google, and your business will surely suffer. A recent study found that out of 20,000 United States small businesses including medical practices that 19% of all leads were generated by SEO and those sites ranking higher on Google. This is a very significant figure. 1 in 5 leads are generated by good SEO so that could also mean you are missing out on many more potential leads by lacking a SEO plan. 

Online marketers are often asked of creating an SEO plan before anything else. SEO is such a primary concern because it can be so influential on building business more customers, and practices more patients. SEO is also considered the driving factor to generate more web traffic.

For more information on creating successful online marketing plans and better SEO tactics, please contact Ortho Marketing Pros. Contact us through our website or call us at (914)788-1555. 

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SEO can be tricky to perform on your own, and it can be easy to make mistakes once you are starting out. This, of course is the reason why you should outsource to an agency like Ortho Marketing Pros before you even start and possibly damage your online presence. So, when attempting to improve your performance and placement on search engines, DO NOT attempt to do any of the following; no matter how tempting it may be. 

1. Ignore mobile sites. Your business must absolutely have a mobile website to attract and connect with customers across all platforms. Your SEO is especially important on mobile devices when consumers are searching rather quickly and will pick the highest most desirable result. Visibility is essential for online marketing, so to make your practice visible on all platforms is essential.

2. Duplicate pages, blogs or re-use the same old content. Your website will begin to be marked as SPAM and not look as good with many duplicate, look alike pages circulating out on the web. It may seem unreasonable to keep creating new content to rank higher on search engines, but that is what it takes to have effective SEO strategy. 

3. Simply not know how to perform most SEO functions. For example, individuals often assume that most search terms in Google are quite short and broad. "Orthodontists NY" for example. But this couldn't be farther from the truth. People more often search for terms like "Orthodontists who offer invisalign, White Plains NY". This causes a whole different approach to the blogging and landing pages as part of SEO strategy

For more information to create a stronger online marketing strategy, contact Ortho Marketing Pros. We have a great team of experts who will do all they can to help grow your practice through online marketing. Call us at (914)788-1555.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014 17:04

Is Your Website Getting Traffic?

Any good Orthodontic website is pretty much useless if nobody is actually visiting it. In the business world, there is always going to be competition. Do you want FIRST page visibility in search engine results? Of course.

This means that your practice will come up on the first page of Google searches! With the correct keywords in place and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analytics work done, your practice will come up in the top search results. Marketing your Orthodontic practice is key and we have all of the tools necessary to get you to the top of the search results. We have had 100% success rate at this, and in turn, you will receive more business. Each practice is unique and we understand that.

If you'd like to start getting more referrals and your schedule filled at your Orthodontic practice, call us today at (914) 788-1555 or Contact Us through our website.

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