Website design is your online equivalent to your office. You want it looking good. You want people to see it and be more interested and comfortable in becoming a patient at your practice. While it is often best to consult with experts like Ortho Marketing Pros before taking a dive into website design on your own, here are 5 simple tips so you can put out the best website design you possibly can. 

-Have a visually appealing logo for your business and have it adequately presented on your website. A logo will help to brand your business and create more identity for your online business to grow. A logo will also create an image for consumers to associate with your practice.

-Get rid of any clutter or ads that harm the user experience. While it may be tempting to place lots of ads on your website it will definitely take away from a users focus on YOUR content. You do not want your ads to be competing against you for users attention.

-Use plenty of images and inviting color combinations to engage users on your website. Again, your website should be like a great storefront to a brick and mortar business. You want people to feel invited to visit your store.

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Website design is a very important part of your practice's online presence. A website is generally the part of your business a patient will see before ever visiting the office. Potential patients will have done their research, and hopefully (with proper SEO) they will have found themselves on your website. But what good is it to get people to your website if it doesn't demonstrate a state-of-the-art practice?

What makes a great website design?

In order to reflect a modern and well run practice, your website design should always be kept in great shape. Here are some things that emulate a great website that you should look for:

  • Easy navigation: A website should also be user friendly to consumers can actually use your site and are not pushed away by cumbersome user interface.
  • Call to action: In as many convenient places as possible, your website should invite potential patients to call you or contact you via a form of some kind. Convincing them to contact you is great, but if you don't show them how, they will get frustrated and leave your website without ever giving you a call.
  • Location, location, location: It's important to include the locations you serve throughout your content in natural ways. This way, Google recognizes your website for local searches, and potential patients will know exactly where you are located in relation to their home or place of work.

Below you'll see a perfect example of what we're talking about. This site for Castilla Orthodontics is easy to navigate, includes phone numbers and calls to action (including a complimentary consultation form on the home page), and has their location stated at the top of the page. It also features awards won by the practice which can be great for your credentials, as well as a chat function so potential patients can ask questions directly through the website.




Ready to get started?

A new website design can be huge in building up your brand and encouraging people to call you and visit your practice. Build a community with the newfound persona of your site, and you will see more loyal, interested consumers. Don't hesitate to take the extra step for your practice by building them a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website with Ortho Marketing. For more information or to get started on your new website, please contact Ortho Marketing today at: (914)788-1555.

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